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1973 Plymouth 'Cuda
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1973 Plymouth Black 'Cuda

What Is Special About This Car

The Plymouth Barracuda is a two-door car that was manufactured by Plymouth from the 1964 to 1974 model years.
The third-generation 1970 to 1974 E-body cuda', was a completely new design that was shared with the Dodge Challenger and available in hardtop and convertible body styles.

The Barracuda was discontinued after the 1974 model year.

The black 'Cuda we have at Skyway Classics is a very modified street car/race car/bracket car that takes it a level higher in performance than the muscle cars from back in the 60s and 70s.

It has been restored in such a fashion to exceed all the performance and visual limits that it had as a factory stock 'Cuda.


The engine is always the heart and soul of any muscle car and this engine is by far a lot more powerful than a stock one back in 1973. The much modified engine has so many high performance parts that add horsepower such as a performance cam and kit, performance intake, Holley carb, modified ignition, reworked fuel supply system including the racing fuel tank in the trunk, performance black finned air cleaner and matching Mopar Performance black finned aluminum valve covers, headers, performance spark plug wires, and more all sitting in the detailed and painted engine compartment.

All that power transfers to the rear with a H.D. automatic transmission and Mopar rear end. The exhaust note is impressive through the performance mufflers and the ride is stiff and firm.


We have the superb black race car interior cockpit of this brawler with the two custom black racing seats with the safety 5-point harness on both seats, racing roll bar system, custom aluminum dash housing the toggle switches and performance aftermarket gauges, performance tach and shift light on top of the dash, black factory door panels, black sport steering wheel, black carpeting and floor mats.


The body lines on this 'Cuda look better than they did back in 1973 and the black paint shines and looks a mile deep, contrasted by the yellow stripes down the flanks on both sides.

It has the blacked-out grill, front chin spoiler, shaker hood scoop, twin racing mirrors, hood pins on the front of the hood and holding the rear trunk lid in place too.

The 'Cuda rides on custom black and silver 5-spoke mag wheels and fat performance tires and the stopping power is supplied by disc brakes.


Sometimes being reserved is good, but this 1973 Plymouth 'Cuda we have at Skyway Classics is not that car. It is very fast, sinister looking, sounds mean and can back it up with its performance.

If you want to be noticed, buy this car. It draws attention with not only it's looks but it's sound and performance too.

So give us a call at 941-254-6608.


Engine Size
340 V8


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Center Console
Engine Size
340 V8
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