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1973 Plymouth 'Cuda
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1973 Plymouth Modified Cuda'

What Is Special About This Car

The Plymouth Cuda' was a two-door car that was manufactured by Plymouth from the 1964 to 1974 model years.
The third-generation 1970 to 1974 E-body Cuda' was a completely new design that was shared with the Dodge Challenger and available in hardtop and convertible body styles.

The Plum Crazy Purple Cuda with the black 440 billboard on the side we have at Skyway Classics is a perfect example of what modifications was done to muscle cars back in the 60s and 70s. It has been restored in such a fashion to exceed all the performance and visual limits that it had as a factory stock Cuda'.


The engine is always the heart and soul of any muscle car, and this engine is by far a lot more powerful than a stock one back in 1973.

The much modified engine started out its life as a 440 cubic inch engine but now is punched out to a huge 513 cubic inches and contains a plethora of horsepower adding parts such as a performance cam and kit, aluminum Mod Man intake, performance Holley carb, MSD ignition and box, reworked fuel supply system, custom performance twin open-air cleaner box and system, serpentine belt system, performance heads, big tube headers, aluminum valve covers, chrome battery box, huge custom aluminum radiator, and much more.

All that power transfers to the rear with a H.D. 6 speed Transmission and Mopar rear end. The exhaust note is great through the performance mufflers and the ride is great also with the chassis and suspension redone.


The superb black bucket seat interior is stock appearing with the addition of few modifications like the carbon fiber inserts on the dash and console, aftermarket performance gauges, purple Cuda' logos on the floor mats, and purple seat belts.
The rear seat and door panels remain stock appearing as does the black carpet and headliner, the black sport steering wheel, and it has the famous “Pistol Grip” shifter mounted in the factory black floor console.


The body lines on this Cuda look better than they did back in 1973 and the purple paint shines and glistens in the light. A matte black “billboard” decal is planted on both sides on the rear quarter panel and proclaims this Cuda is powered by a “440” cubic inch engine.

If that doesn't warn you the custom flush mount front grill hidden headlights, hood scoops, rear spoiler, and twin racing mirrors will.

The Cuda rides on custom black mag wheels and fat performance tires and the stopping power is supplies by Wilwood disc brakes.


Sometimes being reserved is good, but that is not the case on the 1973 Plymouth Cuda we have at Skyway Classics.

If you do not want to be noticed, do not buy this car. It draws attention with not only its looks but it can back up those looks, sound and performance too.

So give us a call at 941-254-6608.


Engine Size
440 V8


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Center Console
Engine Size
440 V8
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