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1947 Armstrong-Siddeley Hurricane
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1947 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane


The Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane is a two-door, four seat drophead coupé automobile produced by the British company of Armstrong Siddeley from 1946 to 1953. It was based on the Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster saloon.

The four seat, two door body was made of steel and aluminum panel fitted over a wood and aluminum frame. The doors were rear hinged, an arrangement that got the name of suicide doors.

Why This Car Is Special

This post World War II limited production car was named after the famous RAF Hurricane World War II fighter plane which was built by the Armstrong Siddeley Company in its automobile plant in Coventry, England.

The 1947 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane has had the same owner for 17 Years. It has the original mileage title showing only 52,000 miles.

This car has many unique features, few of which are found on any car. For starters it has an aluminum body on a wood frame (a natural for a company that switched from airplanes to cars). Next, the front brakes are hydraulic and the rear are mechanical. It has a pre-select gearbox (transmission) which is neither manual nor automatic.


The chassis features independent front suspension using torsion bars and a live rear axle with leaf springs. A Girling hydro-mechanical braking system was fitted, with the front drums hydraulically operated while those at the rear used rod and cable.

This Hurricane features a 1991cc overhead valve six cylinder married to a 4-speed Wilson Preselector gearbox and three position convertible top.


The interior continues the elegant theme of the exterior with leather navy blue front split bench seats and rear bench seat and all look good with no major signs of wear visible. The door panels and dashboard are designed to carry the feel of an estate automobile with the use of actual wood. Paint and body shows extremely well and will be a hit at any show.


The two-tone light and aqua Blue finish of this beautiful car was inspired by Armstrong Sapphires competing at the ASOC rally at the Isle of Wight. The cool mint green and light turquoise trim and matching wire wheels which were both custom features ordered by the first owner. This is probably the only post war Hurricane with wire wheels! The paint shows extremely well with only minor imperfections visible upon close inspection. Both the front and rear adjustable bumpers fit nicely and compliment the body.

It has a three-position convertible top, which can be in a full-up position, over the rear passengers only position, or all the way down position. And it has a hinged rear bumper that can be lowered to provide access to the spare tire. Rare for the period, but not unique, are the "suicide" doors that open from the front and the windows that are operated by aircraft cables. It also has built-in jacks for raising the car in the event it is necessary to change a tire.


The 1947 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane we have at Skyway Classics is truly a post war British classic which was purchased directly at the Armstrong factory by the first owner, an attorney from the Northeastern United States. It has service records, arts receipts, work shop manuals, restoration information, Magazine articles, ownership history, and even Armstrong Car Owners club literature.

According to the current owner, it may well be the only one in America.

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