1969 AMC

SC/Hurst Rambler


1969 AMC SC/Hurst Rambler
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Why This Car Is Special
AMC/Rambler made its jump into the muscle car wars back in the 60's with a powerful compact performance model with a 390 cubic inch engine version built in conjunction with Hurst, the 1969 SC/Rambler. One of the muscle car era "most visually arresting examples," it was likely the most outrageous muscle car from AMC ever with only 1,512 built and was probably the only production model made and promoted for a specific drag racing class, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) F/Stock class.
We have one of the rarest of these for sale here at Skyway Classics, as it has the extremely rare Cross Ram 390 V-8.

Each Hurst SC/Rambler came equipped with the 315 horsepower 390 cu in AMC V8 engine from the AMX. There were no factory options to this package, but some dealer installed ones. Standard clutch was a 10.5-inch with a three finger long-style Borg and Beck pressure plate.

The 390 engine was mated to a manual transmission four-speed T-10 with close gear ratios. A Hurst shifter came with a large metal "T" handle. The rear end was an AMC 3.54:1 "Twin-Grip" limited slip.

It also has factory cast iron manifolds that exit to a dual mufflers, front discs, a heavier sway bar, as well as strengthened drive train and body components with connectors between the front and rear subframes. The rear end used fore-and-aft staggered rear shock absorbers to eliminate wheel hop under extreme acceleration conditions with leaf spring suspensions.

The 390 engine includes a very rare Cross Ram intake that was a dealer option with twin 4-barrels. The intake was made by Edelbrock for AMC to use for the factory drag races and Trans Am Series cars too.

The interior sports standard gray charcoal vinyl upholstered reclining seats with a headliner embossed with small squares. The front seats recline and the new safety mandated head restraints were upholstered in red, white, and blue stripes. The SC/Rambler also has a standard 90-degree-arc dial Sun tachometer attached to the right side or top of the steering column and is a factory radio delete car.

The Scrambler was available only as a two-door hardtop with a wild factory paint jobs of red, white, and blue. Ours feature a forward-facing functioning box-type hood scoop with "390 CU. IN." and "AIR" in large letters on both sides of it. The hood scoop air flapper was vacuum operated, allowing higher pressure cool air to pressurize a Carter AFB carburetor. A blue arrow on the hood pointed towards the air intake.

Other body modifications and features include rolled-back front and rear wheel openings to allow for larger tires, racing mirrors, blue Magnum 500 steel wheels with chrome beauty rings and AMC hub centers, red stripe tires, Hurst shifter and Hurst Logos.

If you want one of the rarest AMC/Rambler muscle cars on the planet, or for that matter one of the rarest muscle cars period, come see this 1968 AMC/Rambler 390 Scrambler with the dual-quad intake, here at Skyway Classics today.

So give us a call at 941-254-6608.


Engine Size
390 V8


Body Color
Red White and Blue


SC/Hurst Rambler


Interior Color
Center Console
Engine Size
390 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual
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